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Safety goggles

Category: Safety Eyewear Optical Density : 190-460nm OD4+ 630-660nm OD2+ 800-1100nm OD5+LB-Rating : 315-460nm DIR LB4 630-660nm DIR LB2 800-1100nm DIR LB5According : CE EN207

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ENT Surgery

Handpieces for ENT, include 7 pieces ENT Handpieces for different application. SPECIFICATIONS: + Straight ENT Handpieces(143mm) + Replacement ENT Handpieces-1 217mm(20o) + Replacement ENT Handpieces-2 117mm(20o) + Replacement ENT Handpieces-3 148mm(12o,-12o) + Replacement ENT Handpieces-4 210mm(20o) + Replacement ENT Handpieces-5 110mm(45o) + Replacement ENT Handpieces-6 217mm(12o,-12o) FIELDS OF APPLICATION: + Dacryocystorhinostomy(DCR) + Turbinectomy + Nasal […]

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