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CHEESEⅡ dental diode laser

Our new CHEESE Ⅱ lasers will offer our partners, dentists and hygienists an effective and affordable laser for their practice. 810nm, 940nm, 980nm three wavelengths are optional…

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FireLas Four Wavelength Therapy

There are four wavelength 635nm, 810nm, 980nm and 1064nm in one laser with Maxmium power up to 26.2Watt. With the unique Android OS.

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Gbox Medical Diode Laser Systems

This mini surgery laser system has a wavelength of 532nm, 810nm , 980nm and 1064nm for choice; it can be used in the continuous as well as pulsed mode with a contact or non contact handpiece...

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Velas Medical Diode Laser Systems

VELAS series will offer you the wavelength options of 810nm, 940nm, 980nm, 1210nm and 1470nm, with CW, single pulse and pulsed mode, so that you could choose a laser which suits your need best…

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GBOX Blue 445nm laser

At 445 nm, this enables considerably better and gentler cutting, even at lower power. Improved cutting performance make it ideally suited to all surgical applications and for hemostasis…

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Tethys is the latest GIGAA LASER platform which is based on Android system for professional customizing machine, it satisfies the different needs of multiple disciplines…

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