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CHEESE Ⅱ Meidcal diode laser

Gigaalaser launchs its second generation dental laser CHEESE Ⅱ for the dental market, there is bigger color touch screen, wireless foot control and customizable pre-set protocols in the new laser. Offer customers an effective and affordable laser according to their practice. …

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CHEESE Link dental diode laser

GIGAA LASER's third generation dental diode laser product: CHEESE Link. Based on the excellent features of CHEESE, the new design is elegant appearance, Compact laser body, Pre-set protocols, APP control with your mobile terminal devices (iPad/Andriod pad).…

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Gbox™ Medical Diode Laser Systems

The new Gbox portable surgery diode laser system from GIGAA is the best value on the market today. Small size body case with 15w power, this mini surgery laser system has a wavelength of 532nm & 810nm & 980nm & 1064nm for choice; it can be used in the continuous as well as pulsed mode with a contact or non contact handpiece.…

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FireLas Four wavelength smart dental laser

Blue laser represents an innovative extension to the already established surgery laser systems. “CO2 + KTP”-like laser unit for coagulation, vaporization and bloodless surgery thanks to its peak absorption in hemoglobin and its permeability in water. …

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Velas™ Medical Diode Laser Systems

With different kinds accessories, such as flexile fiber, handpeices with various shapes and lengths, micro-endoscope etc, the versatile system to extend and develop many clinical applications. Now we have involved in dentistry, endovenous laser treatment (EVLT), ENT, PLDD, liposuction, veterinary and so on…

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HPLAS™ Urology Diode Laser Systems

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VELAS Pro Meidcal diode laser

Based on the VELAS platform, VELAS Pro laser series is designed to perform both therapy and many surgical procedures, especially Gynecology treatments. The max output power is 60w, with ergonomic handpiece, huge color touch screen, providing maximum versatility and fastest treatment times…

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BeautyScan 1550nm Er-Glass Laser

The BeautyScan™ is the high-end laser system to perform the fractional Non-ablative Skin Resurfacing. It utilizes the state-of-the-art technology and proves 1550nm fiber Er-Glass laser module to achieve the best result in Non-invasive treatment of scars, stretch marks and wrinkles.…

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iPALM Deep Tissue Therapy Laser System

iPLAM is a new generation of portable physical therapy laser provided by GIGAA LASER. The maximum power could reach to 15Watt and we offer two wavelength 810nm/980nm for choice. iPLAM is battery operated and there is a cooling lens to keep the skin low temperature during laser treating. …

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