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Training Course: Laser Cosmetic Surgery In Gynecology


Training course: Laser cosmetic surgery in  gynecology 

It’s a custom workout with emphasis on the implementation of laser technology in the growing application for gynecologic cosmetic procedures, having a component practical 75%, where the participant will leave fully trained to start s gynecologic.
Country:  El  Salvador  Central America
Time: 3 days
All inclusive: transport airport – hotel – airport, hotel, food, theorical, practical school clinics and hospital patients, scholarly information in electronic form.
Agenda: use of Laser Diode ° in Cosmetic Surgery Gynecological and PTGI
Lipolysis venus mount, vaginal tightening for  relaxation  syndrome pelvis and urinary incontinence, atrophic vaginitis, labioplasty minora and higher , resurfacing vulvar internal and external , clitoroplasty ,fillers of greater lips. lipotranferencia fat and treatment dysplasias (VELAS II DIODE °).

Taught by:

Dr Roberto Valdivieso
Training Laser Diode IFLEM Buenos Aires Argentina
Ginecologo University of San Carlos of Guatemala
Master of Aesthetic Medicine UCM Madrid
Cosmetic Gynecologic Veracruz Mexico

Hospital location: Medical Correcconesenter Ahuachapan
Hotel location: Santa Teresa Springs Hotel & SPA


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Training course:   Laser cosmetic surgery in  ginecology

Es un entrenamiento personalizado con enfasis en la apliacion de tecnologia laser en la creciente  demande de procedimientos cosmeticos ginecologicos, que tiene un componente practico de 75%, en donde el participante saldra totalmente capacitado para iniciar su practica cosmetica ginecologica.
Country:  El  Salvador  Central America
Time: 3 days
All inclusive:  Transporte aeropuerto – hotel – aeropuerto,  hotel,  alimentacion, clases teoricas, practicas clinicas y hospitalarias en pacientes, informacion  academica en formato electronico.
Temario:  uso de laser de diodo° en cirugia cosmetica ginecologica y ptgi  lipolisis de monte de venus, tensado vaginal para sindrome de relajacion pelvica e incontinencia urinaria, labioplastia menor y mayor, resurfacing vulvar interno y externo,  clitoroplastia y rellenos  de labios mayores y lipotranferencia grasa, (velas Ⅱ diode°) .

Impartido por:  

Dr Roberto
Formacion laser diodo  iflem  buenos aires Argentina
Ginecologo    universidad de san carlos de Guatemala
Maestria en medicina estetica  UCM Madrid
Cosmetica ginecologica  veracruz Mexico

Hospital sede: Centro medico ahuachapan
Hotel sede: Termales de Santa Teresa  Hotel & SPA


www.gigaalaser.com              info@gigaalaser.com

www.ginecoesthetics.com     gineco.esthetic@gmail.com